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OCTO Lux Aquarium Tank Systems

The luxury lifestyle Marine aquarium befitting any home.

Product:  Lux Classic (60 and 90 Set) – Black and White

Series: Octo-Lux Aquarium Tank system

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Features & Benefits

  1. Slim-Flow system – slim integrated overflow and water reservoir to facilitate more space for fish and coral display whilst ensuring the overall aesthetics of the tank
  2. Overflow along the entire length of tank for better water circulation
  3. Low iron glass allowing crystal clear view with true colour transmission
  4. Ergonomically designed high cabinet for easy viewing even when standing
  5. Thick and sturdy cabinet to withstand heavy load without sagging even with time
  6. Multi-layered high quality glossy spray-painted cabinet for a modern and lasting look
  7. Complete ready-to-go Reef Octopus (RO) equipment and system for hassle free setup
  8. Patented nylon door hinges and treated stainless steel parts to reduce corrosion and rust
  9. All components, parts and the cabinet are developed and manufactured in-house to ensure usage of the finest materials and absolute quality assurance


Lux features a contemporary look with its immaculate design to suit any lifestyle. Each rimless aquarium comes standard with the Slim Flow system, a pre-drilled hole at the bottom, and the full set of equipment for your initial setup.


In addition, each tank is fitted with crystal clear low-iron glass on all viewable sides for a stunning colour transmission effect, a sleek black background and German-made Wacker glue on the joints for strength and durability.


The pleasing clean lines of the cabinet hides the sturdy wooden structure within, protected by a multi-layered high quality glossy paint.


No longer just an aquarium tank, Lux is a piece of high quality furniture blending into any environment.



1 year for tank and cabinet

2 years for pump

What's included

Technical Data

  1. Octo Slim Tank, Cabinet, Sump

lux td 1

  1. Circulation Pump


  • Lux Classic:

Lux TD 2



Explosion Charts

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Accessories / Parts

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