Dear Customer,

Thank you for choosing OCTO, a quality product manufactured by HONYA CO., LTD.

By using our product, you are agreeing to our below terms and conditions:

Your product shall be under warranty against defects of material and workmanship under the Terms and Conditions.

HONYA CO., LTD warrants your products against defects in MATERIAL and WORKMANSHIP, for the period of warranty. During the warranty period, this product will be repaired or replaced without charge (excluding incidentals), at the sole discretion of HONYA CO., LTD.

1. In the unlikely event that servicing of your product is required during the warranty period, kindly bring the product to one of our Authorised Dealer where you purchased the product from, with Proof of Purchase. Without the proof of purchase, the warranty period will be determined by the product serial number at the sole discretion of HONYA CO., LTD.

2. Warranty excludes and does not cover any Damage, Loss, Malfunctions,  Defects or other issues arising from or related to:

2.1. Inappropriate or improper installation, set-up or use, as accordance in the User’s Manual.

2.2. Any repair/modification by any person not authorised and  approved by HONYA CO., LTD

2.3. Any consumables or moving parts due to normal wear and tear (e.g. O Ring, Sealing Ring, Impeller).

2.4. Negligence, Accidents or Mishandling.

2.5. Transportation or Shipping.

2.6. Natural or Man-Made disasters.

2.7. Corrosion, electrical surge, power failure.

3. The warranty extends only to products purchased from HONYA CO.,  LTD through our Official Authorised Dealers.

4. HONYA CO., LTD is not liable for any direct or indirect, special, incidental, punitive,exemplary, consequential or economic damage or loss arising from the use of our products or related to the warranty.

5. HONYA CO., LTD liability under or in relation to the warranty is limited to the cost of replacing the product with the same or an equivalent product, or of repairing the product, whichever is lower.

6. HONYA CO., LTD reserves all rights to the final interpretation and amendment (without prior notice) of the terms and conditions in this warranty card.

Warranty Period of HONYA CO., LTD Products are as listed below:

1 Year Warranty

All Skimmer, Reactor Body, DC Pump Adapter and Control Module, Aquarium Tank and Furniture.

Pumps – OTP Pumps

2 Years Warranty   Pumps – AQ, HY, DC

HONYA CO., LTD is committed to continuous product development, we hereby reserve the right to revise the product specifications or designs without prior notice. For further enquiry/assistance and latest product updates, kindly send us an email with your contact details to info@reefoctopus.com