Lux Aquarium Tank System Black Color (2 models available)


Lux Aquarium Tank System Black Color (2 models available)

The luxury lifestyle Marine aquarium befitting any home.

Product:  Lux Classic (60 and 90 Set) – Black

Series: Octo-Lux Aquarium Tank system

Model No.: Lux 90, Lux 60

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Features & Benefits

  • Slim-Flow system ‒ slim integrated overflow and water reservoir to facilitate more space for fish and coral display                                                                                                whilst ensuring the overall aesthetics of the aquarium
  • Overflow along the entire length of tank for better water circulation
  • Low iron glass allowing crystal clear view with true colour transmission
  • Ergonomically designed high cabinet for easy viewing even when standing
  • Thick and sturdy cabinet to withstand heavy load without sagging
  • Multi-layered high quality glossy spray-painted cabinet for a modern and lasting look
  • Complete ready-to-go OCTO equipment and system for hassle free setup
  • Patented nylon door hinges which opens to a 180 degree angle, with treated stainless steel parts to reduce corrosion and rust
  • Sump made of Acrylic: safer, lighter, easier for maintenance, and higher resistance to breakage compared to glass
  • All components, parts and the cabinet are developed and manufactured in-house to ensure usage of the finest materials and absolute quality assurance



Lux features a contemporary look with its immaculate design to suit any lifestyle.

Each rimless aquarium comes standard with the Slim Flow system, a pre-drilled

hole at the bottom and complete set of equipment for your initial setup.

In addition, each tank is fitted with crystal clear low-iron glass on all viewable sides

for a stunning colour transmission effect, a sleek black background and German-made

Wacker glue on the joints for strength and durability.

The pleasing clean lines of the cabinet hides the sturdy wooden structure within

protected by a multi-layered high quality glossy paint.

No longer just an aquarium tank, Lux is a piece of high-quality furniture perfect for any home or office.

What's included

Lux Classic 90 SetLux Classic 60 Set
Model No.QtyModel No.Qty
1Integrated Slim Overflow System with Auto UP ReservoirT-90S1T-60S1
4Return PumpAQ-30001AQ-20001
5Protein SkimmerClassic 150-INT1Classic 110-INT1
6Bio Churn ReactorBio Churn-90INT1Bio Churn-90INT1
7Accessories – Piping Connection11

Technical Data

1. OCTO Slim Tank, Cabinet, Sump

ProductColorTank External Dimension
Glass ThicknessTank VolumeSlim-flow Water
Reservoir Volume
Furniture HeightSump Dimension
cminchcminchLUS GalLUS Galcminchcminch
Lux 90Black90454535181810.39182485.51.510039.47535.640.329.51415.8
Lux 60Black60454524181810.39122323.00.810039.45135402013.815.8

2. Circulation Pump

ProductModel NoWet/DryMaximum Flow RatePowerMax Head
Lux 90AQ-3000Both3300871350192562652.
Lux 60AQ-2000Both20005282203582424526.52.16.9