Electrical (4 models available)


Electrical (4 models available)

Giving you Peace of Mind.”

Model No.: FW-110, FW-110D, FW-220, DT-100

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Features & Benefits

  • Helps prevent Skimmer overflows
  • Prevents recirculating external skimmer pumps from running dry
  • Delayed starting the Skimmer after power failure
  • Tolerance of up to 200 watts in a power outage situation


Have peace of mind when the power goes out.

In the event of a power failure most sumps will fill with water from the main tank and reservoir producing a higher than normal water level within the sump.

This timer is designed to be used with protein skimmers to prevent it from overflowing, due to the excessive water level after the power failure. When power resumes, the return pump will run and water level will return to normal level. After 5 mins, the delayed timer will activate the skimmer, this ensure skimming effect is not compromise.

This device also prevent external skimmer pumps from running dry.

Our Protein Skimmer Auto Delay Timer has a tolerance level of up to 200 watt, during a power outage.