Skimmer Accessories (20 models available)


Skimmer Accessories (20 models available)

Model No.: Cleaner 110, Cleaner 150, Cleaner 200, Cleaner 250, Cleaner 300, Cleaner 220F,Cleaner 250F,Cleaner 300F, Neck 110, Neck 150, Neck 200, Neck 250, Neck 300, Neck 150-TL, Neck 200-TL, ST-1, ST-2, ST-3, WC-100, WC-140

Features & Benefits

  • Top notch quality Components and Spares Parts
  • Precise fit for all Reef Octopus products
  • Made specifically to work perfectly with all Reef Octopus products


Our Skimmer Accessories and Connectors for all your Reef Octopus Products

Technical Data

Cup Cleaner

Item No.ProductFilt MotorCompatible with OCTO Skimmer
127101Cleaner 11049KTYZClassic 110-S,Classic 110-INT ,Classic 110-EXT , SRO-1000INT
127102Cleaner 15060KTYZClassic 150-S,Classic 152-S, Classic 150-INT , Classic 150-EXT , Regal 150-S, Regal 150-INT, SRO-2000INT
127103Cleaner 20060KTYZClassic 202-S,Classic 200-INT , Classic 200-EXT, Regal 200-S, Regal 200-E,Regal 200-INT , SRO-3000INT, SRO-3000EXT
127104Cleaner 25060KTYZSRO-5000INT , SRO-5000EXT, SRO-5000SSS
127105Cleaner 30060KTYZSRO-6000EXT, SRO-6000SSS
9060111Cleaner 220F60KTYZElite 220-S, Elite 220-INT
127118Cleaner 250F60KTYZRegal 250-S , Regal 250-INT , Regal 250-E
127119Cleaner 300F60KTYZRegal 300-S, Regal 300-INT , Regal 300-E

Neck Extension

Item No.ProductHeightCompatible with OCTO Skimmer
127107Neck 1102″Classic 110-INT, Classic 110-EXT, SRO-1000INT
127108Neck 1502″Classic 152-S, Classic 150-INT, Classic 150-EXT, Regal 150-S, Regal 150-INT, SRO-2000INT
127109Neck 2003″Classic 202-S, Classic 200-INT, Classic 200-EXT, Regal 200-S , Regal 200-E, Regal 200-INT, SRO-3000INT, SRO-3000EXT
127110Neck 2503″Regal 250-S, Regal 250-E, Regal 250-INT, SRO-5000INT, SRO-5000EXT, SRO-5000SSS
127111Neck 3003.5″Regal 300-S, Regal 300-E, Regal 300-INT, SRO-6000EXT, SRO-6000SSS
127113Neck 150-TL2″Elite 150-S, Elite 150-INT
127114Neck 200-TL3″Elite 200-S, Elite 200-INT , Elite 220-S, Elite 220-INT

Skimmer Stand

Item No.ProductFoot PrintHeight Adjustable
127115ST-1280*190mm(11*7.5″)78mm(3″) / 96mm(3.8″) / 114mm(4.5″)
127116ST-2330*230mm(13*9″)78mm(3″) / 96mm(3.8″) / 114mm(4.5″)
127117ST-3450*280mm(17.7*11″)78mm(3″) / 96mm(3.8″) / 114mm(4.5″)

Waste Collector

Item No.ProductDiameterFootprintHeightHolds Approximately
mminchmminchmminchLUS Gal


Cleaner 250F Unboxing and Maintenance Video