Classic Protein Skimmer S Straight body (2 models available)

Over a decade of proven reliability.

Did you know?

We are the first protein skimmer manufacturer in the world that designs and produces our own skimmer pumps. Our skimmer pumps have been specifically engineered to enhance and increase the efficiency of our protein skimmers.

Product Name: Classic Space saving Skimmers

Model/Type: Space Saving Skimmers (SSS)

Series: OCTO

Model No.: Classic 110-S, Classic 150-S (Straight Body)

Features & Benefits

  1. Ultra compact, superior performance
  2. Aquatrance pumps specifically made for protein skimmers
  3. Easy maintenance
  4. Output designed for bubble-free outflow
  5. Quiet operation
  6. High quality hand-made acrylic construction
  7. Trusted by professionals and hobbyists


Featuring a small footprint, the OCTO series Classic space saving skimmer. (Classic-S) is an in-sump protein skimmer ideal for aquariums with limited sump space. It is run by our very own AQ pump , encased in a solid acrylic body, can be easily disassembled for maintenance and does not require a feed pump as it draws water directly from the sump.

Available for  2 models – Classic 110-S and Classic 150-S features a straight body with a vented valve output .

Warranty (against manufacturing defect):

2 years* – pump motor only

What's included

Article CodeItemsClassic 110-SClassic 150-S
Model No.QtyModel No.Qty
aTop Cover11
bCollection Cup11
cO Ring11
dSkimmer Body11
fAdjusting Pipe11
gO Ring11
h” T” Part11
jBubble Plate11
kBubble Skimming Chamber11
mAquatrance Skimmer PumpAQ-1000S1AQ-2000S1
nBase of Skimmer11
pAir Hose11

Technical Data

1. Skimmer

ProductWet/DryPump PowerCup DiameterNeck DiameterFootprintHeightOutput SizeTank Volume
WWmminchmminchmminchmminchLUS Gal
Classic 110-SWet891204.7602.42001557.96.148519.10ø32mm (1″)500132
Classic 150-SWet17181505.9803.22401859.57.353020.90ø40mm (1-1/1/4″)800211

2. Skimmer Pump

ProductModel No.Wet/DryAir IntakePowerMaximum Flow RateConnection Size ( outlet)
Classic 110-SAQ-1000SBoth420111454120893509235092ø25(3/4″)
Classic 150-SAQ-2000SBoth7201907191901718750198750198ø25(3/4″)

Electrical or other Certification
Pumps (Aquatrance) – CE certified

Explosion Charts

Explosion Chart for Classic 110-S and 150-S






Classic-S Manual

Accessories / Parts