Kalkwasser Reactor (3 models available)


Kalkwasser Reactor (3 models available)

A Reactor built for Professionals, by Professionals.”

Model No.: KS-100, KS-150, KS-250

Features & Benefits

  • Raise or stabilize PH
  • Solid acrylic construction
  • High Torque-low RPM motor *
  • Quick connect fittings


Reef Octopus Kalk Stirrer (Nilsen Reactor) carries a high torque low RPM motor that effectively, silently and gently mixes your calcium hydroxide (Kalkwasser). This method is not only ideal but is also the safest way of dosing the freshest possible Kalkwasser to your reef system. The Reef Octopus Kalk Stirrer is designed to keep the undissolved particles at the bottom of the reactor chamber while always leaving the clear highly saturated Kalkwasser liquid at the top. Adding Kalk powder couldn’t be easier with just a few twists of the large thumb screws releasing the seal-tight lid for quick and easy Kalk refills.

No need for powerheads that randomly need to be cleaned or replace and no more risky dosing with large vats of lime water which take up valuable space. You will never have to worry about premixing or clogs again when using our new innovative and efficient Kalk Stirrer (Nilsen Reactor) which are extremely easy to use and salt-water safe, making them simply the most economical and best Kalk reactor out there.

*The Kalk Stirrer uses a motor that has a lifetime of about 1500 hours. Please don’t run unit continuously.

What's included

Article CodeItemsKS-100Article CodeItemsKS-150Article CodeItemsKS-250
Model NO.QtyModel No.QtyModel No.Qty
1Top Cover11Screw M8*1211Screw M8*121
2O Ring12 Water Proof Cover12Water Proof Cover1
3 Water Proof cover13Installation Pole13Installation  Pole1
4Capacitor14O Ring14O Ring1
5O Ring15Installation chassis15Installation chassis1
6Installation chassis16Screw M8*2566Screw M8*2512
7Screw M8*2567Body Cover17Body Cover1
8 Body Cover18Pin & Clip18Pin & Clip1
10Screw M4*11410Screw M4*11510Screw M4*115
11Power Transformer111Capacitor111Capacitor1
12Pin & Clip112Power Transformer112Power Transformer1
13O Ring113O Ring113O Ring1
14Screw M8*15 with O-Ring314Screw M8*15 with O-Ring314Screw M8*23 with O-Ring3
15Rotation Axle115Rotation Axle115Rotation Axle1
16Screw M8*32116Screw M8*32116Screw M8*321
17Stirrer arm117Stirrer arm117Stirrer arm1
19Water inlet hose119Water inlet hose119Water inlet hose1
20Water outlet hose120Water outlet hose120Water outlet hose1

Technical Data

ProductWet/DryDiameterFootprintHeightQuick Connect Input and Output


ProductCalcium HydroxideTank VolumeFeeding Pump Suggestion
gramLUS GalL/HGph

Explosion Charts

Explosion Chart for KS-100


Explosion Chart for KS-150


Explosion Chart for KS-250




KS-100-Instruction Manual

KS-150-Instruction Manual

KS-250-Instruction Manual