Latest Universal CO2 Scrubber


Latest Universal CO2 Scrubber

“A perfect Lid for a perfect Fit.”

Model No. C2T-90

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Features & Benefits

  • Reduces CO2 entry into your aquarium
  • Raise the PH in reef aquarium


A perfect Lid for a perfect Fit.

Our CO2 Scrubber Top Cover are manufacture to fit precisely our range of consumer skimmer, when pair together with our CO2 Reactor (C2T-90), User will experience a more direct and cost effective way in controlling the PH in their Aquarium.

Using this closed loop system in managing your PH will extent the longevity of the media compare to non-closed loop system.

A bleeder valve is built into our C2T-90 for easy control.

What's included

Article CodeItemsModel No.QTY
1“Y” Type Nozzle10421000591
2Outlet Nozzle1
4O Ring10501000901
5Reactor Cover1
6O Ring10501000731
9O Ring10501000891
10Inlet Nozzle1
11Inlet Hose10503000161
12Outlet Hose10503000031

Technical Data

Universal CO2 Scrubber
ProductItem NoDiameterFootprintHeightInlet SizeOutlet SizeReactor Capacity
mminmminmminmminmminLUS Gal

Explosion Charts

Explosion for C2T-90


C2T-90 Assembly Manual


Accessories / Parts


Item No.Model NumberCompatible with OCTO Skimmer
9030802009C2C-120Classic 110-S  Classic 110-INT  Classic 110-EXT  SRO-1000INT
9030803009C2C-150Classic 150-S  Classic 152-S    Classic 150-INT   Classic 150-EXT  Regal 150-S     Regal 150-INT   Elite 150-S    Elite 150-INT
9030804009C2C-200Classic 202-S  Classic 200-INT  SRO-3000EXT    SRO-3000INT       Regal 200-S    Regal 200-INT   Regal 200-E  Elite 200-S
Elite 200-INT
9030805009C2C-220Elite 220-S      Elite 220-INT
9030806009C2C-250Regal 250-S    Regal 250-INT     Regal 250-E        SRO-5000INT     SRO-5000SSS  SRO-5000EXT
9030807009C2C-300Regal 300-S    Regal 300-INT     Regal 300-E        SRO-6000SSS     SRO-6000EXT