Bio Reactor (3 models available)


Bio Reactor (3 models available)

Optimised for Performance.”

Model No.: BioReact 90, BioReact 120, BioReact 150

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Features & Benefits

  • Complete with our own recirculation pump
  • Unique design for quick and easy refilling of media
  • Sieve Plate to retain media in chamber
  • Cyclone optimum churning rate for maximum bateria colonisation
  • High quality hand-made acrylic construction
  • Easy maintenance


Optimised for Performance

BioReact is an in-sump Bio Reactor, designed for hobbyists. It helps to accelerate the growth of beneficial bacteria, and helps to ensure water clarity. It is ideal to control the Phosphate (PO4) and Nitrate (NO3) level.

Powered by our very own and reliable Aquatrance, which is both energy efficient and quiet, the BioReact is easy to set-up and allows you full flow control to the media. With a space saving footprint, it allows you more space within the sump for more products.

Made from a high quality cast acrylic body, it has a specially designed water inlet bottom chamber which prevents the media from entering the pump during a power off. A rigid sieve plate at the top cover acts to prevent the pellets from escaping through the outlet connection.

Due to the unique design of having no pipe in the middle of the chamber, it is easy to replace the cover after refilling the pellet media. The 4-direction cover also makes it easy for you to orientate the BioReact accordingly to your set-up.

For best results, it is highly recommended to use our Bio Spheres media.

Bio-Spheres are specifically encapsulated pellets with a 100% pure biological polymer solid carbon. These pellets when use with our Bio –Churn Reactor, will slowly release the polymer carbon within the marine water which will encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria and enzymes on the pellets surface.

Bio-Spheres provides a food source required for beneficial bacteria to reproduce and reduce nitrates and phosphates.

Available in 500ml or 1000ml bag.

What's included

Article CodeItemsBioReact 90BioReact 120BioReact 150
Model No.QtyModel No.QtyModel No.Qty
bPlate with holes111
fReactor Body111
hWater PumpAQ-8001AQ-12001VarioS 21

Technical Data

1. BioReact

ProductWet/DryPump Power DiameterFootprintHeightMax Bio SphereTank Volume
50HZ60HZmminchmminchmminchLUS GalLUS Gal
BioReact 90Wet67903.51201004.73.939015.400.400.11400106
BioReact 120Wet10151204.71401305.55.139015.400.700.18700185
BioReact 150Wet30301505.91851607.36.345017.702.000.532000528

2. Circulation Pump

ProductModel No.Wet/DryPowerMax Head HeightMaximum Flow Rate
BioReact 90AQ-800Both670.
BioReact 120AQ-1200Both10151.
BioReact 150VarioS 2Both30304.

Pumps (Aquatrance) – CE certified


Explosion Charts

Explosion Chart for BioReact  90 / BioReact 120 and BioReact 150

BioReact Explosion 90-120-150


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