Classic Protein Skimmer HOB (5 models available)


Classic Protein Skimmer HOB (5 models available)

Over a decade of proven reliability.”

Did you know?

We are the first protein skimmer manufacturer in the world that designs and produces our own skimmer pumps. Our skimmer pumps have been specifically engineered to enhance and increase the efficiency of our protein skimmers.

Product Name: OCTO Classic Protein Skimmers HOB

Model/Type:Hang-On Skimmer

Series: OCTO

Model No.: Classic  2000-HOB, 1000-HOB, 100-HOB, 90-HOB, Classic NS-80

Features & Benefits

  • External hang-on back protein skimmer
  • Ultra-efficient AQ skimmer pump
  • Enhanced performance
  • Easy to assemble and maintain


Reef Octopus Hang-On Back Classic skimmers are a proverbial favourite. With its unique design, the pump is mounted externally and under the actual skimmer body (90-HOB,1000-HOB and 2000-HOB)allowing for much less room needed behind the aquarium and less heat-to-water exchange.

The OCTO Classic series HOB is constructed of high-quality acrylic and equipped with the new highly efficient Aquatrance pinwheel pump that produces an ideal mix of water and air for optimal waste removal.

What's included

Article CodeItemsClassic 2000-HOBArticle CodeItemsClassic 1000-HOB
Model No.QtyModel No.Qty
1Top Cover201010014311Top Cover20101001421
2Collection Cup12Collection Cup1
5Holder (include screw)201010015115Holder(include screw)20101001511
8Screw  (M8*50)104250000628Screw(M8*50)10425000062
9Skimmer Pump110210-A19Skimmer Pump110208-D1
10O Ring (112*4)1050100077110O Ring (92*4)10501000731
11Water Inlet111Water Inlet1
12O Ring(32*4)1050100033112O Ring (26*3.5)10501000281
13Skimmer Body113Skimmer Body1
14O Ring (32*4)1050100033114O Ring (26*3.5)10501000281
15Water Inlet115Water Inlet1
16O Ring (41*4)1050100042116O Ring(32*4)10501000331
17Surface Degreaser1040600082117Surface Degreaser10406000811
18Water Outlet Part118Water Outlet Part1
19O Ring (26*3.5)1050100028119O Ring (26*3.5)10501000281
22Defoaming Device1040600083122Defoaming Device10406000821
23Water Inlet123Water Inlet1
24O Ring  (28.8*3.1)1050100090124O Ring (28.8*3.1)10501000901
26O Ring (32*2.5)1050100031126O Ring (25*3)10501000261
27Air Hose1050300002127Air Hose10503000021
Article CodeItemsClassic 100-HOBArticle CodeItemsClassic 90-HOB
Model No.QtyModel No.Qty
1Top Cover201010014111Top Cover20101000161
2Collection Cup12Collection Cup1
3O Ring (100*3)105010007513Plug10599000011
4Skimmer Body14O Ring (41*4)10501000421
5O Ring (26*3.5)105010002815Silencer30201100011
6Water Inlet16Valve1
7O Ring (28.8*3.1)105010009017Water Inlet 011
8Union18O Ring(26*3.5)10501000281
9Skimmer Pump110208-B19Surface Degreaser10406000811
10Venturi110O Ring (26*3.5)10501000281
11Adjustable Surface Degreaser111Water Inlet 021
12Air hose1050300002112O Ring  (28.8*3.1)10501000901
14Water Inlet114Adjusting Pipe1
15Screw (M6*15)1042500002115O Ring (25*2.5)10501000252
16Water Oulet116Screw (M8*35)1
17Sponge1140700006117Water Outlet Pipe1
18Holder ( include Screw)2010100151118Sponge11407000102
19Screw ( M8*50)1042500006211407000071
20O Ring (26*3.5)1050100028119Defoaming Device10406000821
21Water Oulet120O Ring (28.8*3.1)10501000901
23Sponge1140700010222Skimmer Pump110208-D1
1140700007123O Ring (25*3)10501000261
24Defoaming Device1040600081124Air Hose10503000021

Technical Data

ProductWet/DryFit PumpAir IntakePowerMaximum Flow RateOutput SizeTank Volume
Classic 2000-HOBDryAQ-2000S7201907191901718750198750198ø40 mm500-800132-211
Classic 1000-HOBDryAQ-1000S420111454120893509235092ø32 mm300-50079-132
Classic 100-HOBWetAQ-1000S420111454120893509235092ø25mm50-40013-105
Classic 90-HOBDryAQ-1000S420111454120893509235092ø32 mm300-50079-132
Classic NS-80WetOTP-200S5520052.820052.8ø16mm0-1000-26

Explosion Charts

Explosion Chart for Classic 2000-HOB

Explosion Chart for Classic 1000-HOB

Explosion Chart for Classic 100-HOB

Explosion Chart for Classic 90-HOB

Explosion Chart for Classic NS-80



Classic 2000-HOB Instruction Manual

Classic 1000-HOB Instruction Manual

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